Children usually like to try out unconditionally. They do not want to make predetermined things, but want to try words and materials with all their senses and discover their "value" for themselves.
In the facilities of the Vielfalt Group, children are offered a multitude of creative fields of activity, diverse materials for getting to know and trying out are offered. In addition, various opportunities are given to reflect the creative work, while a variety of opportunities to present their skills and abilities are given, while skills in the careful handling of the materials and people are taught as well.


Nature and the natural environment are with their variety the most stimulating environment for children. Based on these everyday situations, children want to examine interesting experiences, to fathom and to understand connections. For this, children are given framework conditions for discovering, trying out and researching.


Children should have the opportunity to recognize their inclinations, interests and talents for science and technology. It should arouse a positive attitude to science and technology in children, which can not be taught in everyday life. In our facilities, we offer different experience spaces, create a stimulating learning environment and encourage even the youngest to independent research, discovery and experimentation.


In view of the modern age, in which the children grow into, complementary, accessible to children and low-threshold offers on the topic of digitization in our facilities are offered.
As a basis for later school success is what children learn in preschool, we integrate our concepts into the educational work of our institution as early as possible.


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