‚‚Mum, why does the Vielfalt Group have a cherry on their name?“

Welcome to the Vielfalt Group

Vielfalt is the German term for diversity.

The Vielfalt Group is a charitable association for education and development.

Our guiding principle is forward thinking education for children and families.

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Diversity is our philosophy.

The Vielfalt Group aims to bring together families and children of all backgrounds in a fun, interactive and educational environment.

The foundation of our educational institute is to  treat all families in our daycare facilities with value and respect, regardless of their background. The concept of diversity represents our guiding principles. Click here for more information about our mission and education system.

Children learn while playing!
Our educational institution offers support for children in their holistic development. This is implemented through playful and structural methods, designed specifically for the different stages of a growing child. We emphasize the importance in multilingualism, creativity and the health of a child.

Education for the whole family!
Our parenting services are developed to help mothers, fathers and children. They offer solutions for everyday challenges as well as professional support for different life situations.

Work-Life Balance.
We enable companies to successfully reconcile work and family with company based care offers.

With our trained team, we support and accompany your business-childcare-facility starting from the idea through specific implementation

to quality assurance.

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As an institution for education we are continuously looking for motivated and ambitious employees with or without experience in the field of education. We also offer a variety of job opportunities in administration, health and nutrition.

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Bank: Sparkasse Duisburg

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