Healthy Eating & Physical Activity

Wholesome nutrition and exercise are essential foundations for the healthy development of the human body and mind. In our establishment, the emphasis is on a healthy, child-friendly, balanced and vitamin-rich diet. Meals are important events that structure the daily routine and give the child and the group the opportunity and time to talk together. Furthermore, we pay attention to that

  • there is always a good, balanced and child-friendly food offer available,
  • the individual habits of each child are taken into account and
  • teaching children the cultural and social value of food and drink.

"A child needs physical activity in order to develop itself and feel healthy"

Regular exercise is a necessary requirement for learning. Only a brain that is kept moving can develop. With the help of our targeted movement programs for children, we want to promote the following skills and abilities:

  • coordination,
  • acceptance and tolerance,
  • respect for others,
  • self-confidence and social behavior,
  • coarse and fine motor skills,
  • body perception,
  • language,
  • relaxation.

Children should develop themselves physically and mentally with fun in physical activities.


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