Diversity concept

Our facilities are visited by children from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Therefore, in our education, we do not bind ourselves to a particular denomination.
For this purpose, the common pedagogical principles (Freinet, Montessori, Fröbel, Reggio, Waldorf, situational approach) are known to our specialists of the Vielfalt Group, as they deal with them day-to-day. Selected elements of these principles are therefore included in the pedagogical conceptions of childcare services and our facilities. In addition, our facilities offer the necessary spatial support. Creative freedom for involvement and physical activity in which our children are self-initiated, motivated, interested and fascinated to gain experiences, are continuously taken into account.

Characteristic for all offers of our educational institution is the interpersonal encounter between children, parents and professionals. In doing so, we offer everyone involved a safe space in which they can feel comfortable and unfold themselves, while at the same time providing a familiar yet professional atmosphere.

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