With this video we take you into our diverse KiTa and give you an insight into our conception. The diversity team will introduce you to the different room designs and explain their purpose. Would you like to find out more about our educational concepts? Simply click on the “Kindergarten” section.


With effect from October 31, 2020, Dr. Alçay Kamış the honorary chairman of the supervisory board.

The seat that will become vacant as a result of the resignation will, at the request of the member, be the previously deputy chairman Dr. Christian Ahlfeld take over. Dr. Ahlfeld has been a member of the committee since it was founded and is experienced as the sponsor.

The Diversity Group expressly thanks for the voluntary work Dr. Kamış and wishes him all the best.

Cooperation with the international university IUBH Düsseldorf.

The Vielfalt Group is delighted to announce its cooperation with the international university IUBH Düsseldorf. As an official educational partner our carrier fulfils the practice-integrated training of early childhood major in the bachelor's programme. For this purpose the Vielfalt Group provides the finances to fund the tuition fees and in the course of our apple-cooperation supplies the students with a Macbook. Herewith we support young individuals with their professional choice within the educational sector.

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Since 2019 our parent-child-groups care for children with divers backgrounds. This offer is a form of support intended to ease the transition for children and their families into the institutional daycare. The following video offers an insight into our parent-child-groups.


Former State secretary Dr. horzetzky Visited the Vielfalt Group

The Vielfalt Group received a visit from Dr. Günther Horzetzky, former state secretary in the ministry of economy, energy, industry, business and craft of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

With the managing director of our educational institution, Ms. Songül Doğan, topics of equal opportunities and participation of target groups were taken up.

With regard to current challenges and needs of our changing social structure, future-oriented child and youth care services play an important role for the federal republic.

Visit From the haniel Foundation

At the end of 2018, our educational institution received a visit from the Haniel Foundation in Duisburg.

The Haniel Foundation promotes people who want to shape the future in a sustainable way and advocates value-oriented entrepreneurship. It also supports disadvantaged children and adolescents as well as particularly talented young executives.

During the conversation, concrete project contents of both participants were exchanged and the importance of parenting in the context of pre-school and school education for the Duisburg region was discussed.

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empowerment of Mothers and Woman

The Vielfalt Group pays great attention to a healthy mother-child relationship, as this is the foundation for the mental and physical development of a child.
For this reason, we offer different childcare services for mothers (or mothers to be) as well as women, in which the participants are supported in their educational tasks and are consulted on pedagogical questions. By attending our programs, they do not only work on subjects, such as dealing with a growing child, but also the mother-tongue ability and parenting skills, with regard to the development and independence of the child. Also, educational soft skills in the playful use of languages as well as the promotion of self-perception as a mother are also addressed and applied.

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This project is funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.
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sponsorship by the goethe institut

Through our offered women's courses in 2018, a great number of participants were able to continue their seminars on education, development as well as promoting the language skills of children, nutrition and healthy activities. Furthermore, parents and daycare teachers were able to exchange experiences regarding the interests and promotable strengths of children.

This project was funded by the German foundation, the Goethe Institute.                 Source:

visit from the Federal german Parliament (Bundestag)

The Vielfalt Group received a visit from the Federal German Parliament (The Bundestag) by the deputies Mr. Mahmut Özdemir, Mrs. Bärbel Bas and Mr. Arno Klare who attended our educational institution. In the presence of our chairman's Prof. Dr. Dr. Rauf Ceylan and Dr. med. Nora Matar, as well as the managing directors Ms. Songül Doğan and Mr. Yavuz Doğan, current opportunities and challenges of various regions of Duisburg were debated. In this context, the care services offered by the Vielfalt Group were also evaluated with regards to local education, particularly school education.


Another main topic was the additional establishment of childcare services for children aged 0-6 in the Rhein-Ruhr area.

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The finnish education system is one of the best education systems in Europe. The children's furniture manufacturer WOODI invited educational institutions and specialists from the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to Finland in order to survey concrete pedagogical design measures in finnish preschool areas. The Vielfalt Group took part and evaluated, together with international experts, various kindergartens and preschools, from Helsinki to Kuopio.

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This year once again, the Vielfalt Group offers childcare services for parents and children in Duisburg. To find out more about our parenting and child programs, click on Vielfalt Kindergarten and Vielfalt Family Academy.

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This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and homeland.

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