The offered accompanying and educational programs offer parents the space to seek encounters and exchange with other parents. In our concept both parents and children are actively involved in our childcare services. In this way, mothers and fathers should be specifically addressed in their needs. Our teachers, who have access to both children and parents, can more effectively identify family challenges and provide effective support in the area of childcare through pedagogical assistance. In order to facilitate a common learning and experience, theme-related parents evenings are held regularly, as well as joint activities, also in cooperation with external experts.

Our adult care goals include the following:

  • socialize and enjoy with other children and adults,
  • getting to know different options for action through the exchange of experience and information,
  • Be able to develop options for action and to allow them to participate in the group by understanding the age-appropriate behavior of the child,
  • acquire practical ideas for shaping the relationship with the child and for engaging with the child,
  • experience the group as a trusting place, in which everyone feels understood and accompanied,
  • practicing partnership behavior,
  • recognize, express and implement expectations, wishes and feelings,
  • reflect educational behavior,
  • address problems and concerns.


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