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"From idea to implementation"

Our services are characterized by the fact that we look after you from the first moment and accompany you in the long term. Our support is divided into three different sections: from preparation through implementation to quality assurance and sustainability control.

First of all, we conduct a requirements analysis and determine the care needs and offers in your located environment as well as your company. In the next step, we look at the legal framework and look at possible funding opportunities on the part of private or municipal institutions. Together with you and - if needed - parents among your employees, we develop a concept that takes into consideration all necessary factors of your business in order to implement the most suitable company-owned childcare facility. In doing so, we also take into account individual needs situations that are dependent on the type of your company (shift services, no fixed holiday periods, etc.).
This concept will be further refined into an individual house concept, including an entrepreneurial and pedagogical concept in order to gradually implement your childcare facility. Both pedagogical specialists and business administrators will be involved in this work and their expertise will be incorporated. The project planning, which includes a time planning, cost calculation and cooperation agreements with possible partners, are also taken by us. Starting from the idea till the conducted of the childcare facility, we designed, implement and management everything - step by step - for and with you.
Quality assurance and sustainability control:
The Vielfalt Group is the cooperating carrier for your facility and makes sure that together with our expertise and our network our services are alwyas availabl for you and your employees. 


Once the kindergarten has been put into operation, our services not only contain childcare services. We sustainably ensure the long-term satisfaction of children, parents and your company with regular quality assurance and sustainability control.


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