Not every company and therefore childcare facility is the same. In order to be able to respond individually to your needs and environmental conditions, we offer different models of company childcare:

Company-owned childcare facility or near located kindergarten:
The company-owned kindergarten is a facility at your company and is set up in cooperation with us as a non-profit organization, while the near located kindergarten is set up together with the community and is located in close proximity to the company. This model provides the highest level of flexibility, supports your employees in your company and allows a high degree of influence on the educational direction and design of the facility. Also an image gain and the increase of the attractiveness are to be registered according to experience.

Company-owned childcare facilities in association:
In particular, if you run a small to medium-sized company, company-owned childcare facilities in association can be the optimal solution for you. Together with other companies of your location, a ompany-owned childcare facilities will be set up, which will be spatially affiliated to one of the participating companies. This gives you the same benefits as a company-owned kindergarten. In addition, investment and operating costs are shared between several partners.

Fixed childcare quota in municipal kindergartens of the Vielfalt Group:
As a non-profit organization, we operate our own childcare facilitiesand continously expand to further locations. It is therefore possible to get a fixed childcare quota, which is kept free annually for employees of your company. Advantages for you are a fixed and limited cost expenses as well as the possibility to offer fixed childcare quota at different locations for your employees.

Child Day Care:
The most flexible solution is the daycare by certified childminders, which we also provide. The costs are much lower and the scope of daycare can be individually negotiated for each child being cared for.


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