Advantages of company-owned childcare facilities

An own company kindergarten offers many advantages for your business as well as employees.
Our experience shows that companies represented in structurally weak regions, in particular, increase their attractiveness through a company kindergarten among employees. Since they offer a unique selling proposition, they make an active contribution to reconciling work and family life.


The alignment of your company as a family-friendly business not only serves the satisfaction of your employees, but distinguishes them in their competitiveness. For more and more young mothers and fathers, the compatibility of family and work takes higher importance in the selection of the employer.


A company-owned childcare facility solves many problems of young families, causing an significant increase of satisfaction and work activity of family-conscious employees. This also has the effect of retaining qualified employees on a long-term basis and reducing staff turnover.

As a result, companies receive a workforce that is satisfied, stable, well-balanced, and strongly associated with operations that have a sustainable long-term impact on the work climate and productivity of their employees. It also reduces family-related absenteeism, parental leave, and employee bridging and reintegration times. They also pursue the following overall goals through workplace childcare: as it makes it easier for women to return to work in the workplace and does not force them to choose between work and family life, it leads to more equal opportunities in the labor market and thus actively supports them societal equality between men and women.


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